The eFlow Media Network consists of top-tier email, display, search, contextual, and social publishers that have the power to generate sales through a performance based platform that matches your advertising needs. We use a cost per action (CPA) metric that places the advertiser in control whether you desire bottom line sales, lead generation or percentage of checkout. Advertisers are able to monetize flow of revenue through a tracking system that creates a unique variable associated with each click, that way you have access to internet channels that work best for you. If you all ready drive traffic to a product or service through a particular internet channel we can tailor your campaign to concentrate on the verticals that demand more exposure. In addition, we offer on going reports, analysis and support to ensure a prosperous campaign launch.


  • Quality Traffic
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Pay For Performance Pricing
  • Access to Multiple Media Channels
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Sophisticated Tracking" alt="" /> -->